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Intelligent Ordering

A shopping revolution powered by deep food intelligence.


Relevant and personalized suggestions for the item currently selected.


Real-time product recommendations based on what’s already in the cart.


Personalized item displays for the entrance to your virtual store.

Intelligent Homepage

These are our most popular use-cases for grocery retailers to increase basket size, customer retention, and shopper satisfaction.

Why Halla is Better

We are the only software company that dynamically profiles human taste so we can help people make better choices.

100M+ Orders

350K+ Recipes

20M+ Dishes

We use natural language processing and statistical machine learning to build a better brain for human taste, deploying real-time recommendations across all of your eCommerce environments.

Explore Halla

We surveyed hundreds of grocers about what their shoppers want in an online ordering experience. Then we built it.

Interface Agnostic

Halla I/O works with websites, mobile apps, and even for brick & mortar optimization.

Seamless API

Plug I/O into your eCommerce site and instantly increase average order value and reduce cart abandonment.

Easy & Supported

Halla I/O is SKU agnostic and responds to calls in real time, eliminating the need for dedicated development.

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